Yeah!!! It’s summertime!  Grab your sunglasses, slip on those flip flops, time to enjoy outside patios and mojitos, but wait… what about the kids?  What do you have planned for the kids during the summer? Now that your kids are out of school are you dreadfully pondering what you’re going to do to entertain them while they are home?  I have spent many summer days letting my kids play freely, watch television and just chill out.  It seemed like the way to go, but after a few days, I found myself extremely stressed and frustrated. I then decided to implement fun structured time throughout the day and it blew my mind how a little structure in our day made such a big difference for everyone.

Whether you are home with your children for a day, a week or the entire summer here is a great way to structure your day so you truly love and enjoy their company all summer long.  

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Kids summerSchedule

Kids summer schedule

Wake up, Breakfast: Start your day with a healthy breakfast packed with a least 3 of the basic food groups. This is essential in giving you strength and endurance to last you throughout the day.


Outdoor/Active Activity: There is extensive research that supports morning physical activity helps to boost the attention, motivation, and ability to handle the day’s most challenging moments for you and your child. Morning activities together is a great way to talk about what’s happening for the day and check in with how everyone is doing. The morning is also a great time to get out and enjoy the day before it gets too hot and uncomfortable.


Play Centers:  We often make the mistake of allowing our children to play in their play areas with ALL their toys accessible to them. This very often creates more problems and chaos. Try taking out 3 or 5 activities, worksheets, toys and games, place each item in a designated area then have kids rotate through each activity. You may even want to have 1 child at a center at a time if you find they often argue and fight with each other.  Setting out a few items at a time allows them to be more focused and interested in the activity available. You can set a timer or have children rotate once an activity has been completed. While they are busy at their play centers you now have time to complete tasks for yourself.  

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Lunch & Quiet Time: After a healthy lunch, prepare your children for quiet time. For your youngsters, this is nap time, for your older children, this is a great time for them to read, journal and play quiet activities on their own. You have now created another moment for you to complete things on your to-do list.


Media Time: This is the time of day when kids can play on their tablets, watch television, movies and play video games. Typically this designated media time is highly valued, they stay engaged and use their time wisely. Once again to avoid siblings from fighting, you may want to allow a designated time for each media device and have them rotate through each one.

Dinner, Chores & Play: Following dinner, children can complete their chores and spend quality family time together. Take this time to have some family fun, playing sports, board games, etc.


Bath & Story Time:  AIt has been scientifically proven that quiet activities such as warm bath and story time will help your kids wind down and get ready for bed.   

Bedtime: By now your child should be tired and ready for bed. Make every effort to get your child to bed at the same time every night, this really helps them get into a routine and reduces nighttime restlessness and power struggles. If you find they are having a hard time relaxing try deep breathing exercises, a gentle massage or back rub.

You made it through the day, hooray!!! Once they are in bed, take some time for yourself to unwind and rejuvenate.


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