You are at your wit's end and daydream about the day your child will wake up happy, and complete the tasks you have asked them without the outrage of emotions


are frustrated and tired. You have tried yelling, rewards, timeouts, taking away their favourite things and nothing seems to work. It doesn't just stop there, you feel like everyone blames you for how your child behaves in addition to that you lack a strong support system that can help you understand and manage all the drama that happens in your home because everyone knows, your house is far from normal. It's ok, take a deep breath, things are about to change, this is where I come in.
I am a wife and mother of 2 energetic. playful kids that challenge me every day to remain calm and responsive instead of erratic and reactive

In 1999 I begin supporting children and youth with challenging behaviours associated with ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Developmental Disabilities. In 2002 I graduated with a psychology degree specializing in behaviour modification followed by a post graduate degree in Behaviour Science Since then my desire to teach and provide various levels of support to individuals and their families has only grown to greater levels

For the past 16 years, I have worked with the 2nd largest school district in Canada providing educational resources and support to children and youth with behavioural challenges and special needs from kindergarten – grade 12.


More Recently, I have had the opportunity to assist school based teams with strategic program development and planning of positive intervetion behaviour plans and building capacity for independence for their neediest students. Once a plan has been developed, I help model and coach teaching teams on implementation strategies and tools to increase student success

My current goal is to extend my success beyond the classroom into your home by applying Applied Behaviour Analysis and Positive Behaviour Support principles and procedures to coach and support parents and families like yours 

Providing, programs, services and products that empower parents while developing R.I.C.H kids; with the single goal of strengthening the family

What is a R.I.C.H kid? A kid that is Responsible Independent Confident and Happy

You Need...

a positive, practical action plan to confidently manage those problem behaviours that are making you feel so overwhelmed. No more trying to come up with strategies on a whim and spinning your wheels doing the same ineffective things. We can work together to develop a step-by-step plan to understand and manage defiant, challenging behaviours and transform your home into the tranquil, content home you have been fantasizing about.

You can read this and take action or continue to stress and wonder when things will change... what will you choose?

Yes! I will take action! I want to read blogs with actionable tips & strategiesYes! I will take action! I want book a Free Tell me about it" phone call and get support