Creating Proud Parent Moments

Providing you with practical, proven tools to help manage problem behaviours so you can have more heartwarming, beaming with joy proud parent moments


  • I feel like I am not doing  a good job as a parent because I can’t get my child to listen/act appropriately

  • I feel like people judge my child as the “bad” kid whenever my child is around?  

  • I am at your wit’s end with my child’s disruptive behaviour

  • I get nervous taking my child out to the store or to my relatives house because of their behaviours

  • I  feel like I have exhausted all possible rewards or consequences and nothing seems to be working to change my  child’s negative behaviour

  • I have a child with Autism and/or ADHD that engages in challenging behaviours and not sure what to do change them?

  • I get continuous complaints from my child’s teacher at school

  • I get really frustrated and lose my cool A LOT when my kids act out

  • I am horrified that people think I am a bad parent because of my child’s behaviours

If you are raising your hand and want to yell "OHHHH YEAH" keep reading

(even if you were too embarrassed to raise your hand because you standing in the line at Walmart or because your family will look at you with a weird side eye, keep reading)

Hi, So glad you are here, I am Marlene Spence, Behaviour Consultant & Parenting Coach

I am here to empower parents so they can raise Responsible, Independent, Confident, Happy kids despite their challenges and limitations

With an extensive background in Applied Behaviour Analysis, I am here to support parents like you that are feeling annoyed, at their wits’ end, overwhelmed and just tired of their child’s challenging behaviours and are looking for positive practical solutions that lead to a happier, peaceful family and more proud family moments.


Let's make this happen...

I am here to listen and support you so, lets put an end to those crying sessions before bed and feelings of frustration and develop an action plan

I need an action plan to better manage problem behaviours

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Behaviour Change!

The online coaching program for parents who want to parent with confidence and want to learn step by step, how to manage their child’s problem behaviours so they can have better-behaved children and more proud parent moments!