I am here to support YOU!

Is your child…

  • Diagnosed with ADHD, Autism?     
  • Talking back?
  • Being disrespectful?
  • Ignoring you and refusing to do what you ask them to do?
  • Constantly fighting with peers/siblings?
  • Hyperactive?
  • Anxious?
  • Hitting, kicking and/or, biting others?
  • Having outrageous Temper Tantrums/or loses their temper very easily?
  • Having attention deficits?
  • Lacking organizational skills?


Have you tried yelling, reward systems, timeouts,

taking away their favourite things without any success? 

 So….Now what?



You are ready to make a plan and take action



Discover what you need to do to transform and improve your child’s life.   Let’s chat about your child’s most challenging behaviours NOW before you have another “OMG… I totally freaked out on my child because they  ____________ again and I feel awful” moment


Book your free 20 minute “tell me about it”

consultation and we will chat about your child’s

behaviour and explore ways I can help


Your child’s behaviour is becoming overwhelming and extremely frustrating, you feel stressed and sometimes even embarrassed about it. You feel stuck. You need things to change. You’re a great parent, you want to see your child succeed, become responsible, more independent, confident in who they are, in their abilities and how they do things. You want your child to be happy and live life to their fullest potential… but HOW??

YOU NEED A PLAN!     notebook-and-pen



A plan with strategies that are effective, practical, proven to work for parents and used by professionals.  

My strategies and tools are predominantly based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis also know as ABA. Applied behaviour analysis was developed in the 1960’s and is a scientifically proven method used to change behaviours and teach new skills. Behaviour professionals, school boards and Corporations around the world are currently using ABA principles and procedures because it is the best-researched methods that focus on behaviour and has proven over time by many experts to be highly effective.   

chat 1:1 coaching is for you if you…


  • Have a child between the  ages 4-12


  • Are frustrated, tired, at your wit’s end, and struggling to find answers and solutions to your child’s problem behaviour


  • Are tired of yelling and making threats to get your child to stop or listen to you


  • Want to know how to parent confidently in a positive manner and manage your child’s behaviour more effectively


  • Understand that this is not an overnight fix and change will be a gradual transformation


  • Are committed to putting in the hard work that will effect change


  • Are willing to be open minded to exploring and working through various strategies and ideas


  • Have children with Autism, developmental delay, ADHD, Anxiety and executive functioning disorders  


  • Have a sense of humour… I love to laugh and so should you. Research says laughter is the best medicine, it’s known to relieve physical tension and stress!


One on One Behaviour Consulting/Coaching Package



  • 2 coaching phone calls for 60 minutes each to discuss your concerns, explore why the behaviour is occurring and what we can do about it
  • Customized behaviour strategy plan that will explain how you can teach your child to listen, stop problem behaviours, teach social and communication skills. This detailed plan will be emailed after our phone calls so you know exactly what to do and how to do it
  • 1 follow-up phone call (2-3 weeks later) to see how things are going and if adjustments to strategies need to be made


  • Lifetime access to a private, members-only facebook community where you can get continuous support and ask unlimited questions as you go through this parenting journey. I am dedicated to supporting you so you can experience more heartwarming, joyful, ear to ear proud parent moments!

Investment: $189


YES!!! I want more harmonious, smiling, laughing with my kids moments!