The most scientific, result-orientated, parent-friendly method to confidently manage tantrums, aggression and defiant behaviours in 10 days! 

Your child’s behaviour is becoming overwhelming and extremely frustrating, you feel stressed and sometimes even embarrassed about it. You feel stuck. You need things to change. You’re a great parent, you want to see your child succeed, become responsible, more independent, confident in who they are, in their abilities and how they do things. You want your child to be happy and live life to their fullest potential… but HOW?

What would life be like if you had...

A day where your child follows your instructions without you having to raise your voice or repeat yourself several times 


A moring where your child wakes up, greets you with a bubbly good morning, gets ready and eats breakfast without you having to yell or nag. 

An evening where your child comes home after school, completes their chores and homework without arguing, tears and tantrums

A day where all your children get along with each other and you get to spend quality, peaceful time together, laughing and just having some good ol’ much-needed family fun

The Behaviour Change program is everything you need to experience happier days and create more proud parent moments

Recent studies report parents have a hard time managing their child's behaviours and as a result raise their voice, scold, or yell to discipline

If this study describes you, you probably have spent hours reading parenting self-help books 

you have googled “how to get your kids to listen” along with “positive parenting tips” and ended up  scanning  over 3,567 conflicting articles and it left you feeling even more overwhelmed
maybe you have put your name on a 3 year waiting list for behaviour therapy … I mean hey, your child’s problem behaviours won’t get worse in 3 years, you’ve got time to wait right?
You have honestly tried your hardest to discipline and be the amazing parent you know you can be but you still feel stuck every time your child acts out

You need proven, positive, practical strategies that will help you come up with an action plan for the next time your child hits their younger sister screams "NO" or decides to flop to the floor screaming in the middle of Walmart

I am Marlene Spence, Behaviour Consultant and Parenting Strategist, AKA "Behaviour Maven"

 I am the professional that educators and parents flock to when they want real, step by step solutions to every day or complex behaviour concerns children may have. Why do they come to me?
  • I have worked with hundreds of families, educators, children, and youth since 1999
  • I have directly supported the most complex, challenging, neediest student within the 2nd largest school board in Canada 
  • I develop positive behaviour management actions plans based on Applied Behaviour Analysis principles that are realistic and achievable 
  • My unique C.A.L.M framework has a proven track record to empower parents to confidently manage problem behaviour
  • I am passionate about teaching others how to unravel the layers of bad behaviours and discover the strengths and capabilities that exist 
  • I am authentic, trustworthy and candid. As a mother myself I know the challenges parents face and can truly relate. 

Stop the tears, and the anxiety of parenting and let me help you move towards a more peaceful, happy home

What are other parents just like you saying?

Your program has helped tremendously!  There is a drastic difference in my son’s behaviour …..and mine as well if I am to be honest.  Gosh, where do I start…I am more observant and less quick to react. Your program really forced me to stop and observe the situation to see patterns. It made me not only understand my son’s behaviour but mine as well. Thank you for everything!!!
Jennifer J

Toronto, Ontario

Most times I feel like I haven’t been getting right but now I have a few tools to help me. I’m gonna be an awesome mom!
Natasha P

Toronto, Ontario

Behaivour Change gave me so many more options as to what I could do why my daughter get’s rude and quick-tempered

Toronto, Ontario

Marlene… you were the beginning of my son’s turn around.  The changing we are seeing have been amazing for him and put smiles on all our faces
Vicky N

Toronto, Ontario

What is included in the online Behaviour Change parent training program?

This digital course is broken down into 5 modules containing short videos, checklists, tracking and worksheets AND bonuses which include online coaching support 

Start your journey to confident parenting and complaint kids by understanding behaviour. At the end of this module you will:

  • Understand why those problem behaviours continue to happen over and over again. When you have a better understanding of the behaviour you will be better equipped to manage it.
  • Understand how this unique parent-friendly 5 step C.A.L.M framework will change that way you parent and manage behaviours and begin your journey to a revived, calmer family

I know you would love to change all problem behaviours, with all your kids, all at once, but in order to be truly effective, we have to prioritize and concentrate on the real big problems first. At the end of this module, you will:

  • Be able to determine what behaviours should be changed and how to prioritize behaviours so that you can focus and reduce the right behaviours and be more efficient in developing a plan that will work.
  • Given access to and know how to use the proven tools I use to zero in on the most pressing behaviours

Analyzing and collecting information about the problem behaviour will support and strengthen your efforts to change it. At the end of this module, you will:

  • Discover what motivates your child to act out so you can strategize accordingly.
  • Know how to use well-known industry assessment tools so you can unlock the hidden message and patterns behind your child’s challenging behaviours

Managing problem behaviours means you need a strategic plan before the behaviours occur. At the end of this module you will:

  • Have evidence-based, proven, positive, practical tips and discipline strategies to add to your repetiour
  • Know exactly how you can set your child up for success and create more opportunity to get a “yes” from your child
  • Have created your own positive behaviour management action plan specific to your child and behaviours

You are ready to parent like a boss! You have done all the groundwork necessary to tackle your little ankle bitters with confidence and are now more likely to receive compliance. At the end of this module you will:

  • Know how to put your plan into action
  • Understand how you can maintain and monitor success
Lifetime access to a private, members-only Facebook community where you can get support from me and other parents during and after the Behaviour Change journey.
Your own written behaviour management plan you can pass on to your babysitters, teachers etc. Parents pay behaviour therapist/Psychologist hundreds of dollars for a strategic plan like this!
If your child often forgets to think before they react, this is for you. You will learn scientifically proven and practical strategies to teach your child self-control so they can think first and react second.


you can continue to be the parent who has tried yelling, reward systems, timeouts, taking away their favourite things without any success or you can be the parent who is respected and discplines and gets results

Which BC Plan is right for you?

Got a few questions right?

Is this program only for kids with Autism?
No, this program was designed to help ANY child between the ages 4-12 who consistently engage in tantrums, aggression, defiance and any other learned negative behaviour
How long will it REALLY take me to complete this course?
In 10 days you will have a strategic action plan to tackle those problem behaviours with confidence, HOWEVER changing your child’s behaviour is a process and takes time. If you are consistent with your plan, you will see behaviour changes. There are 5 modules with short videos and worksheets. Schedule 10-60 minutes to watch videos and complete worksheets. (modules are also available in audio so you can listen on the go!)
I don't think I have the money for this right now, will this program always be available if I want to purchase later on?
If you are at your wit’s end with your child’s behaviour you can’t afford not to invest in this program.  The value and empowerment that you will feel completing this course and the feeling when your child doesn’t act out as they normally would is worth more than $97.  Once the doors for this program are closed they will not be open for another 6-8 weeks. Do you really want to wait that long to become the parent boss you desire and to gain the knowledge you need to nurture a “yes” kid?
I don't think I have what it takes to do this on my own.
You will not be alone, you can get support from myself and other parents in the members only facebook community. When creating this course I thought of the busy parent in mind, this is why I provide step by step instructions so you can go through this process feeling confident and reassured that you can do this!
Things are very busy right now, what if I start Behaviour Change and can't finish the program, how long will I have access to the program?
Once you purchase the course you will have LIFETIME ACCESS and have access to any additional materials that are added anytime afterwards,
What if I am not happy with the program? Will I get my money back?
YES! If you complete the program and feel like you haven’t gotten any value from this program, let us know within 30 days from the day you purchased and we will happily refund every penny.

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.