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Do you feel your child’s school Behaviour Support Plan or Safety Plan is a helpful document that is being used to support and promote success in school as it’s intended to do? Would you like a professional who has reviewed and personally written dozens of  Behaviour Plans in the last 20 years to analyze the plan and provide genuine feedback? Do you also have an overwhelming psychological report that you received and would like to know how you can implement some of the strategies recommended at home? We can help!

What we will do:

  1. Conduct a thorough review of up to 10 pages of documentation for one child
  2. Provide feedback and suggestions on what areas of the documents are beneficial, could be improved, need clarification etc.
  3. Provide you with concerns, questions you may want to ask your child’s school support team regarding documentation
  4. Provide additional intervention strategies not mentioned that may help your child be successful in school
  5. Provide you with practical ways you can implement recommendations within your home

** once you submit your documents you will receive your recorded review/feedback via email within 7-10 days **

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