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 Family Schedule:

 7am – wake up, 

8am – kids wreck the house, 

12pm – kids eat all the food, 

2pm – kids interrupt me during a conference call, 

4pm – kids wreck the house more,

6pm – we eat dinner,

9pm – kids brush teeth and go to bed 

 Do you resonate with this? Want to change things up?

You CAN,

create a practical, functional family schedule that will leave your kids entertained and allow you to get things done without spending hours trying to figure out what will work best only to conclude your plans were an epic fail

Are you,

  tired of your kids constantly interrupting you, asking you to help them with their math or just wanting to show you a funny YouTube video while you’re trying to focus on your virtual meeting?

Are you,

constantly battling with your kids about screen time, you don’t want them to spend hours playing on the iPad but you also know when they are on it, you actually get work done.

Do you,

feel uneasy creating a family schedule because you don’t know where to start and want to make sure you can create a schedule that everyone in the family will be excited about? 

I’m just like you!

I am a mom of 2, I work full time (and now working from home) and I own my business. 

When schools closed and the city locked down, I was anxiously wondering how I was going to make all this work and felt guilty because I am the one parents turn to for help with routines. 

It took me a few days to take a step back and figure out what things I could do to keep my kids happy and entertained especially, so I could get my own work done. I am really excited to share my tips, tricks, and secrets with you.  Things aren’t perfect (because they never will be) but we are cheerfully adjusting to our new norm.

My name is Marlene Spence,  I am a Child Behaviour Specialist, Parenting Strategist, the Creator of Reward’um™ and Owner of Cornerstone Family Services. Using 21 years of experience and extensive knowledge of behaviour, I help shift parents from feeling overwhelmed and hopeless about their child’s challenging behaviours to feeling relieved and hopeful. I help teach parents how to shift their homes from chaotic to calm.


Chaos to calm family schedules - Express

Come, let me take your hand and guide you through this - Let’s get this done in 2 hours so you can begin to feel the freedom schedules were meant to create

In 2 hours you will...

Create a realistic, doable family schedule so that both you and your family can feel good about accomplishing your daily tasks

Discover how to better manage screen time so that you don’t feel the mom guilt when you put them in front of a screen

Have a plan of what will keep your kids entertained and occupied so that you can peacefully attend to your online meetings without interruptions, get those last loads of laundry done or quietly sneak away for some much needed “me time”

Gain access to my carefully curated resources, templates and checklist so that you don’t need to spend hours searching online for ideas and materials

Leave feeling more confident and even excited about your family schedule making you feel like you can tolerate being around your family for just a little while longer

Don't take my word for it. Check out what other moms like you have said about the program

Chaos to calm family schedules –  2 hour Express  works 

even if

your thinking “what schedule”

even if 

You’re feeling overwhelmed at the thought of creating a schedule because pass schedules have not been successful. 

even if

life goes back to “normal” and your schedule looks different

Yes I know google and your peeps on social media can give you some answers but...

what you need is accountability, structure, templates, checklists.

There are programs that throw a bunch of tips and strategies at you but this program walks you through step by step. I want you to get your family schedule done fast but most importantly, with efficiency. I want to make sure you get the support to create a schedule with achievable goals and tasks

Can you imagine going to bed at night feeling like not only you, but you and your kids conquered the day? You both got things done and you weren’t embarrassed by your kids screaming in the background as you were speaking to your coworkers/clients during your zoom call.

What if I don't buy now, how long will this be available?

This masterclass will be available at this price until September, but summer with the kids has already begun. Don’t wait until you are at your wit’s end and plotting ways to get away from your child and hiding in the bathroom before you decide to take action.

How many days will I have access to this program?

You will have access for the lifetime of the course, for as long as we continue to run this program (which will be years, we don’t plan on going anywhere) you will be able to access this masterclass and all the bonus Chaos to Calm Family survival resources 

What if I can't afford it right now?

I know times are tough right now but, I don’t want you to miss out.  I have made it a bit easier for you by offering a payment plan. 

Solitude: 2 Payments of $49CAD/$36 USD

Society: 2 Payments of $99/$72 USD


What if I can't attend the group coaching session?

Life is extremely busy! We understand that, that is why we have provided you with a variety of days and times on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. 

What if I am unhappy with this masterclas, can I get my money back?

YES! If after 14 days of access to the program and attending the recorded or group session you feel this program brought zero value to you, it didn’t provide you with new ways to keep your kids entertained, how to structure screen time or organize your summer days, we will gladly provide you with a full refund.

I need a family schedule that will save my sanity

Which program best fits your needs?